About Us

Hi, I’m Beverly!

I design bespoke statement jewelry using only the finest materials and thoughtfully curated semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski© crystals.

From Bold to Bohemian,
Casual to Coastal,
Elegant to Professional,

Nastava Jewelry is an extension of your personality, an investment in yourself, and a reminder that YOU ARE worthy.

Nastava (pronounced nah-stah-vah) is named after the three women I admire most, my daughters Natalie and Stephanie and my mother, Virginia. Like all the women I design for, their strength, energy, and beauty inspire each Nastava creation.

In the beginning…

I worked in the financial services industry before I was a jewelry designer. My work wardrobe consisted of neutral-colored conservative suits and no jewelry or accessories. When I sought the help of a stylist to bring some excitement to my bland outfits, I was hooked! By adding a few jewelry pieces, my wardrobe went from *yawn* to *wow*. Inspired to keep growing my style, I began making my own jewelry to accentuate my wardrobe and body type. People started to notice and said, "you should sell this jewelry; it’s amazing."

That was 15-years ago! Every day since then, I’ve been honored to design and make jewelry that enhances your beauty and confidence!

Why Nastava Jewelry is meant for you?

• You strive to look and feel authentically you.
• You are worthy of the finer things in life.
• You love striking color and rich, elegant texture.
• You value quality and personalized experiences.
• You walk into a room feeling empowered and confident.

My creative process…

I let the stones speak to me and tell me what they want to be. Not a follower of trends, my designs are inspired by the stones and materials I source worldwide. Discovery fuels my creativity and is part of my design process.

“From the moment I start laying out the beads, pearls, and gemstones, I’m looking to the materials to tell me how they like to play together, and it’s this interplay that makes Nastava so special. I want Nastava clients to walk into a room with confidence, knowing their jewelry is as unique as they are and that no other woman in the room will be wearing the same thing.”
~Beverly Price

Artist’s Bio:

Beverly Price is the owner and designer of Nastava Jewelry.

Her bespoke creations have been shown at Columbia Fashion Week, Greenville Fashion Week, and Charlotte Fashion Week and worn by celebrities like Vivica Fox, Lisa Ling, and Cokie Roberts.

Nastava is named after the three women Beverly admires most, her daughters Natalie and Stephanie and her mother, Virginia. Their strength, energy, and beauty represent the women Beverly designs for inspiring each Nastava creation.

“I’m inspired as a designer to make one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry that women feel great wearing. I want women to connect with a piece of jewelry that empowers them, energizes them, and reflects who they are. I have this in mind at every step of the design process.”

~Beverly Price

Does this sound like you?

A Nastava woman always strives to look and feel put together. She expresses her personality through my unique designs that no other woman has. She’s in touch with her inner beauty and confident in her style. She’s proud of the woman she’s become.

Does this sound like you? I’d love to invite you to a private complimentary styling session to show you how to accentuate your one-of-a-kind style with jewelry.