Why choose Nastava Jewelry for your wedding?

● You strive to look and feel authentically you.
● You are worthy of the finer things in life.
● You love rich and elegant textures.
● You value quality and personalized experiences.
● You want to walk down the aisle feeling empowered and confident.


We’re passionate and committed to your wedding day

It’s your BIG day, and all eyes are on you, confident and beautiful. No one else will ever look just like you, especially on your wedding day.

Customers say "We Love Nastava"

Alicia S.

I showed my fiancé the men’s leather bracelets that Nastava offers. He had them made for all his groomsmen instead of the traditional money clip or pocket knife. I was shocked. He even wears one now , and he said he’d never wear jewelry!

Belinda J.

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in my Nastava jewelry, custom designed for me and my dress. I was so taken with the unique designs and quality that Beverly created a necklace, earrings and bracelet for me!  I love it. She can also re-make the necklace later into something I can wear in everyday life.

Kelly L

I got the chance to work with Beverly and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it! She was such a delight to work with, and every single piece of her Jewelry collection was BEAUTIFUL!! The Jewlery is absolutely stunning!!

Have you already ordered your dress and your bridesmaid's dresses?

I’d love to invite you to a private complimentary styling session to help you select just the right jewelry for your special day.

After your wedding, reimagine your Bridal Jewelry into something special.

The elegance doesn’t end with your wedding. After your big day, we’ll reimagine your bridal jewelry into something special that you can wear and cherish for years to come!

● A completely redesigned necklace, using your pearls and crystals and adding components to create a redesigned everyday treasure.
● A bracelet and matching earrings to match your style, whether it’s Classic, Ethnic, Bohemian, Casual, Coastal, or Elegant, we’ll design something you’ll want to wear long beyond your wedding day.